iOS VirtualKeypad App - FREE for any module / panel

The iOS VirtualKeypad app provides remote connectivity with their Galaxy Dimension, G3 or Flex control panels. G2 panels require our LCE-01 module for VirtualKeypad functionality.

When combined with our Self Monitoring platform - this app is a must!

Application Features:

  • The application will run on your iOS based phone/device
  • No PC required to be running 24x7
  • Can connect via E080-2, LCE-01 and other Ethernet modules
  • Can also work over serial/USB lead with serial proxy server installed on a local PC
  • Totally free across all panel and comm module variants
  • The app supports multiple sites, each with their own set of login details
  • The app supports push notification when used with a SelfMon account
  • Download, select the config icon at the top, configure your panels details, save and connect

    Download the app from Apple App Store HERE