LCE-01 SM Security's Low Cost Ethernet Module

The LCE-01 is available now for all Galaxy control panels (not FXV3)!

How much does it cost ?

  • The total cost is £56.00 inclusive of postage.

  • What are the key features ?

  • The LCE-01 is an internally mountable and powered module
  • The module supports direct IP connection with Honeywell's RSS software
  • The module supports direct IP connection with our VirtualKeypad software
  • The module settings are programmed in the same way as Honeywell modules
  • Simple connection. Onboard Ethernet network jack, power and RS485 connection
  • Works with our low cost SelfMon self monitoring platform
  • Honeywell's monitor software is not supported. You need to use SelfMon.
  • Above the Dimension panel is shown with LCE-01-4 module fitted

  • Will my G2 control panel be compatible with the LCE module ?

  • Your G2 panel must have V1.4 firmware or newer to support Ethernet. If not, then control panel flash upgrade or an upgraded control panel PCB is required

  • Will my Flex control panel be compatible with the LCE module ?

  • Your Flex panel must be V1.X firmware. The Flex V3 release is not yet available

  • Where can I buy the module ?

    We are closed between April 4th to April 11th - No parts will be shipped between these dates.

  • The LCE-01 is only available via PayPal. Please select the link below to make a purchase

  • We apologise for further increases. The main CPU cost has increased again. A new lower cost design is in progress, but requires a few months of development.

  • Delivery Options

    Note: VirtualKeypad Apps are free from Google Play and Apple App Store