Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I enter the configuration settings ?
A: The app has a configuration setting for each account created. Select the account using the top left menu, then select config menu which is the top right hand gear icon.

Q:Can you explain all the options in settings?
- Remember RSS Password - Remember the RSS password after entry. The password will be ******* hidden once saved.
- RSS Password - If you have an RSS password or Downloader ID set, then enter it here. If not, leave this setting empty
- Panel Network Port - The port that you have set up for on your control panel
- Panel Network Port - Panel port number (normally 10001 unless you are port mapping)
- Haptic Key Feedback - Causes the phone to vibrate when you touch each keypad key, thus providing some feedback to a press
- Key Tones - A multimedia beep when you press a virtual key
- Push Account Number - SelfMon account number
- Push Queue Identifier - SelfMon push queue identification string (9 character string)

Q: I see a message saying 'No IP' what does it mean ?
A: When the software tries to connect to your alarm panel Ethernet module, it opens up the relevant IP address or network name that you have entered in the int/ext panel address and port options. If the software cannot reach that IP address, then it reports 'No IP'. This may be because you have no network connection, or you may be pointing to an invalid name or address. If on an external network connection, then you need to ensure that you have forwarded the panel port on your router. That means routing the external WAN port to your internal panel address port 10001.

Q: I have an RSS password code set with Honeywell's RSS application. Can I use the same password.
A: Yes, if you have set a password, then you must apply the same password using the 'Settings' menu for the app.

Q: The website mentions being able to run this app from a serial cable. How can this be achieved?
A: A separate piece of Windows freeware software called a serial proxy service needs to be installed on a local PC with the serial connection. The serial proxy supplies an Ethernet port from the PC and the VirtualKeypad app can connect to this in the same way as the Wiznet module.

Q: Does the app work over GSM ?
A: Yes. If the GSM connection is reasonable, then the app will perform well.

Q: Is it safe to share my panels network connection over the internet?
A: We would advise caution on this and suggest that you look at the level of security you require and consider using a VPN based external connection if you need to. Consult an IT expert if you are unsure.