LCE Module Version Information


Version 2.14 - November 6th 2013
- The initial release of LCE-01-4 compatible across Galaxy panels. Includes dimension/G3/Classic/Flex 1 support and additional security on keypad channel.

Version 2.15 - December 7th 2013
- Resolved issue with Dimension European region 2 'E2' panels when selecting Netherlands defaults not seeing virtual keypad device 15.

Version 2.16 - January 20th 2014
- Internal change to panel type selection code in the event that a bad packet selected the wrong panel type. This shouldn't ever happen, as all packets are validated by checksum.

Version 2.17 - January 21st 2014
- Not released to public

Version 2.18 - June 1st 2014
- Fix for some login retries with apps where app logs in on the second attempt.

Version 2.19 - January 17th 2015
- Added support for new version 1.4 Wiznet PCB with watchdog reset cpu hang monitor

Version 2.20 - November 16th 2015
- Fix for Honeywell protocol issue where panel incorrectly consumes a virtual keypad acknowledge as a portal tamper and jam. This may be very intermittent in nature. A work around has been implemented in the LCE firmware to modify the virtual keypad acknowledge. Customers should ensure that their panels and RF portals are updated to the latest versions for the fix to work. (1.56 for G2 and 6.92 for Dimension. Portals should be at 1.08 2.11 or 3.00 depending on the current base firmware level

Version 2.21 - January 29th 2016
- Fix for reporting when override COMMS RETRY is set to 9. Previously, this was resulting in a single packet transmit, then don't care on the result. Now the module will keep retrying 9 times and stop if selfmon replies in time. If not, the module will give up, but will not cause a panel side comm's fail. Set COMMS RETRY to 8(G2) or 20(Dimension) if you want panel side comm's failures to be reported.

July 15th 2019
- Product End of Life.