Free WebServer Based Keypad for G2, G3, Classic, Dimension and Flex

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java -jar VirtualKeypad.jar -paneladdr=<IP/hostname> -httpport=<port> -panelport=<port> -timing=<read delay> -auth=<user:pass> -timeout=<seconds>

java -jar VirtualKeypad.jar -paneladdr= -httpport=82 -panelport=10006 -timing=600 -auth=daddy:loveswhisky
The following command parameters are optional and have the following defaults:

-paneladdr= (replacing with your panel IP address or resolvable name)
-httpport=80 (standard browser http port)
-panelport=10001 (the default port on the Galaxy)
-timing=150 (150 milliseconds delay between write and read. Good for a local LAN)
-timeout=150 (150 second virtual keypad incativity period disconnect from panel. 0 = no timeout)
-rsscode=password (The communications->password set in RSS to connect to the panel. Default is no password set)
-auth= (when -auth is not specified, there is NO web page AUTHENTICATION required at the web browser)