Frequently Asked Questions

Q:I try to load my control panel IP address in my browser, but don't get a webpage?
A: When running the VirtualKeypad HTTP server, it is the server software that connects to the control panel and not your web browser. You need to enter the computer IP address that is running the VirtualKeypad java jar file. If you are launching a browser on the computer that is running the software, you use it's address, or you can type in http://localhost in your browser and the system will resolve its own address. If you want a name to type in on your browser instead of an IP number, then search the web on how to create a name lookup entry in your computers hosts file.

Q: I cannot get the software to run on my Mac. Should it work?
A:Yes. Please ensure that you have the correct access levels to open a web port on the system.

Q: I can see my VirtualKeypad from my Windows 7 systems web browser, but I cannot load it up on other PC's on the network
A: You need to create a rule in Windows firewall to allow the HTTP web server to output information on your chosen webserver port. The default is port 80, but you may have changed that with command line parameter.

Q:Can I run the HTTP server from a remote network?
A:Yes, but the latency of the packets going back and forth between the VirtualKeypad HTTP server and the control panel may mean that you need to adjust the delay parameter and doing so may slow down the keypad response time. It all depends on the latency of the network you are running on. Remember that if you have an unlimited timeout, then your panel will always be passing network traffic back and forth with the VirtualKeypad software.

Q:Why is the software free?
A:The software was developed to be part of an overall self monitoring solution for people who do not want to pay excessive charges for central station based monitoring. Our SelfMon platform provides a messaging gateway for a very small cost. When you receive a detailed SMS, Voice or E-mail from the platform, you have the capability to log into your control panel and determine your own response. This may be calling a neighbour or relative prior to resetting the system. As the Galaxy based systems have excellent logging and messaging capability, it is very easy to determine a false alarm from the system.

Q:Can I use the HTTP VKP for home automation?
A: You could use the HTTP output from the server and make GET and POST queries to the server. If you look at the webpage source, you will see that the display output is available via an HTTP GET input and the keypad values may be posted into the server with a POST. The XML content does not offer any zone information, which would probably be required for any effective home automation system. We will add this as a low cost chargeable feature at some point in the future and this will allow any home automation system to make a call for zone status on the Galaxy panels. It may also be possible to add this feature to the upcoming K3 low cost Ethernet module.

Q:I would love to use this software with my G3 panel, but cannot afford an E080-2 Ethernet module from Honeywell. Is there any other way to connect to the panel ?
A: Yes, You can use an LCE (Low cost Ethernet module)

Q:Will this software run on Linux?
A: Yes! Any computer that is Java compatible.

Q: How can I let you know if there is a problem with the software?
A: Simply e-mail and someone will respond to your question or issue. Don't be afraid to ask if you have an issue or question.