Version Information - Current Version = 2.05


Version 1.00 - April 15th 2011
- The initial release of the Virtual Keypad webserver software.

Version 1.01 - June 1st 2011
- Changed 'your software download' reply email URL for downloadable Jarfile to the containing folder path, as some online mail services were removing the Jarfile URL anchor from the mail body.
- Modified command argument interface to allow easier parameter setting.
- Addition of an 'auth' parameter to allow browser based authentication to be switched on.
- Changes to the web build interface to allow the default IP of the control panel to be specified and built into the program. This allows single click launch of the Jarfile with the program defaults and no command arguments being required.

Version 1.02 - June 21st 2011
- Corrected issue with authentication leaking XML data to unauthenticated clients.
- Enhanced HTTP data POST method to speed up data transfer.

Version 1.03 - October 11th 2011
- Introduced keypad inactivity disconnect timeout to reduce panel traffic.
- Introduced click on LCD display to connect if network errors cause socket failure - align with new Android release
- Better handling of bad socket connection.
- Fixed bug with bad socket causing Java exception.
- Made each XML address unique, forcing browsers (Google/Microsoft/Android) that auto-cache XML content to always load content.
- Added timestamps to on-screen log.
- Corrected logging issues with linewrap.

Version 1.04 - October 12th 2011
- Minor release to correct issue with date in logging minutes format showing the month instead.
- Set fixed width of keypad to stop it stretching across the screen with Microsoft IE 8. IE 8 does not support rounded corners, but Win 7's IE9 does. We will not add a work around for IE8 corner radius.
- Tested with Firefox, Chrome, IE8 and Safari

Version 1.05 - December 7th 2011
- Introduced login with RSS password. Option -rsscode=password can now be passed on the command line. Default is empty code with default login. This addition stops any 'WRONG CD' events from accumulating when the VirtualKeypad connects to a panel with an RSS password set. If you do have a non-blank RSS password set, you must send the password with the new option. If no password is set, then you do not need to pass the option.

Version 1.06 - March 3rd 2012
- Fixed a login issue with the new Galaxy Flex FX40 control panels.

Version 1.07 - August 10th 2012
- Added support for G2 panels fitted with the LCE-01 low cost Ethernet module

Version 1.08 - October 5th 2012
- Issue with older Dimension panel with non UK settings logging in.

Version 1.09 - February 28th 2013
- Issues with Non-English Dimension panels RSS login fixed. Fix aligned with Android release version.

Version 2.05 - December 2016
- Command line version made available for customers. This version is unlocked.